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とりあえず携帯で手短に。写真のアップなど近日中にしますのでまたチェックお願いします!189 days and more than 2700kms after starting this crazy challenge to walk the length of japan on a pair of bamboo stilts, we finally reached cape sata yesterday, at 2.30 pm. the challenge definitely peaked at the end with the steepest roads we have walked and the worst weather by far. winds at the cape the night before had wreaked havoc with our tent and had strengthened when we set off at 7 on the last day making us work for each and every step. but with the help of some great supporters and the knowledge that we were being cheered on by so many back home and in japan we managed to get there in one piece. it has been an amazing journey that we haven't fully taken in yet, but one that would never have been possible without the support of everyone along the way. it was a challenge that nobody had been abl
e to do before and we know why. but we could because of the cheers along the way, the calls, the mails. thank you so much. we haven't stopped since yesterday andit doesn't look like we will be able to for a few days yet, but when we do we will put up the photos, and let you know more about that amazing day,and i will try and get those blogs up. thank you all so much.

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cape sata here we come!

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お母さんと子供達が花束を用意して待っててくれました!花束をもらうのは初めてです☆嬉しいサプライズをありがとうございました!yesterday we received our first flowers from airichan, sena chan and nanasechan, three kids who had driven past earlier and who had waited for us to pass in front of their house. they were all full of beans and made our afternoon. thanks guys.

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our stay at neppi kan in nejime might havegiven us more than a great memory. suzaki san, the manager today came to tell us he was placing a donation box in the hotel and also to offer us some chances to work together with neppi kan to talk to children about the challenge and how they can help from here. tomorrow may be the end in one way, but it will be the start ofg so many others.

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